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Managed Solution Planing Xperts

Networks have become more perva- sive and complex on a daily basis. As networks continue to grow and expand, they become more difficult to manage, and successfully imple- menting new technologies becomes more difficult. For most companies today, a complete understanding of their network is business critical.
The Xview Network Assessment from MSPX provides the level of detail necessary to understand your network infrastructure, servers and services, security, and availability. The results of the assessment allow you to successfully maintain and secure your current network, and to integrate new technologies with confidence.
Xview consists of a complete review and analysis of your network. Working with your Information Technology (IT) staff, MSPX Network Consultants evalu- ate all aspects of the IT infrastruc- ture across all types of platforms, including switches, routers, fire- walls, appliances, and servers based on Microsoft, Novell, and Linux operating systems.
Xview does not just document the current network environment; it ensures that our client is getting
the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness within their current infrastructure. Through this assess- ment we help our clients identify opportunities for increased efficiency, reliability, and quality of service (i.e.; uptime, performance, security, and support).
The MSPX Approach
MSPX provides a full compliment of IT services for complete, integrated solutions. MSPX tailors these solu- tions to meet our client’s operational objectives. MSPX is large enough to meet our clients technology require- ments, but flexible enough to help solve their unique problems.
The Xview Methodology I. Xview Analysis & Evaluation
The Network Analysis and Evaluation is conducted via a series of Interviews with key per- sonnel, a physical inspection of all infrastructure equipment, and an electronic analysis of the network when appropriate.
Interviews are conducted with the management staff, network staff, and a sampling of end-users to determine growth forecast, new applications, networks usage, and business requirements that the net- work infrastructure supports.

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